5 Reasons Why Your International Marketing Plan Should Include Translation

Updated: Mar 24, 2021

Out of 1.5 billion English speaking people in the world, only about 360 million are native users of this language.

When planning a marketing strategy that will take your business way beyond any borders you need to consider this fact as well as the fact that people tend to prefer searching for products and purchasing them in their native language.

To enter international markets nowadays the best possible solution is to localize your content. It may be a website translation that you need, or you may have to translate your software or create multilingual documentation for your international audiences.

Check which areas of your business are affected by translation and localization services to better understand the benefits from implementing marketing translation in your international marketing strategy.

1. You Can Improve Your SEO With SEO Localization

Your content, translated into any other language that you see fit for your business, will always be recognized by search engines as unique. As long as you remember about the best practices for SEO Localization.

The translation of your marketing content has to be done by human translators, who really know the market you’re aiming to enter.

They need to be performed by linguists who also know all possible changes that have been happening in the target language as well as any cultural and legislative nuances in the target country.

The translator working on your marketing content should also be experienced in the aspects of international keywords. The wording that is chosen in the translated files needs to fully address your audience’s needs and goals so that the search engines can recognize your content as valuable and informative. This will help your content rank higher in the search results.

If you, however, decide to use machine translation technology, then never underestimate the benefits of having the content checked by human translators and reviewers. Making sure your content is not only long, informative but also culturally and linguistically appropriate is critical. This is where a service MTPE (Machine Translation Post-Editing) comes in handy.

Trust your marketing translation agency with your marketing content or, if you’re looking for a localization company to handle your content, make sure you know what to look for.

There is a rising demand to deliver marketing content as well as a product supporting copy in the customers’ native languages. If you want your business to become a major player in the international marketplace, you need to localize.

When your mulitlingual website visibility is improved you will notice a significant increase in your website traffic and a boost in conversion rates.

2. Translation Improves Customer Experience

Speaking your customers’ language is one of the key proofs showing that you are open to their needs, that you want to understand their expectations and that their goals are important to you.

Having a multilingual marketing content (or product/service supporting content) is a show of your goodwill which will result in an increase of trust towards your company.

When you create an environment in which your prospect and existing customers feel understood, listened to and important, they will also trust your brand more.

This also means enhancing the customer or user experience (depending on what you need, whether it’s marketing translation, product documentation localization or maybe software localization).

3. Translation Puts You on the International Business Map

This in result secures your brand’s position in the international markets. You become the thought leader, the source of valuable information for those looking for answers about a product or service.

By providing your customers with unique customer experience in their native language, you gain trust from your international audience.

Customers and service/product users need to be sure that the information they access will help them fully use the product or service, understand how the product/services work and what to do if something goes wrong.

4. Translation Increases Your ROI

When you translate your content, you spend a certain amount of money on it, of course. Nothing is for free. But if you do it right, you benefit from it more than you think. There are ways to save your money on translation and localization services.

Translating 4% of your marketing budget into a 25-50% increase in leads with an ROI of 151%. This is effective localization.

The first thing to mention is that the more you translate, the more you save. When you work with a marketing translation agency that is worth their salt, your translations will be stored in translation memory. Thanks to technological solutions like Computer Assisted Translation tools (CAT tools), past translations, divided into particular segments are stored in the tool’s memory.

Whenever you have new content to be translated, the CAT tools immediately recognize the previously translated segments, to help you avoid paying twice for the same thing.

The more languages you add to the pool and the more content you decide to translate, the more savings you generate.

Another way to save your time and money is integrating your system directly with translation software used by your localization company.

Let’s not forget about your time-to-market. It’s common knowledge these days that there is an increasing demand for products being launched into international markets in a swift and fast way.

The conditions in the markets are continuously changing, so are the customers’ needs and expectations. They don’t want to wait too long for your new product. They want it all and they want it now.

Working with a professional translation services partner, you are able to meet these expectations thanks to continuous localization. Having your marketing translation or a multilingual product support copy delivered to you in batches will allow you to deliver the product, service or any information necessary to your customers in shorter periods of time, making sure they don’t have to wait, lose their patience and go elsewhere.

Finally, you will notice your ROI boost simply because the sales of your product or service will increase thanks to your brand offering the audience exactly what they need and when they need it.

Article Reference: https://www.atltranslate.com/articles/international-marketing-plan

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